Tank Gauging Made Easy with New DTGS

Digital Tank Gauging System for Small Vessels & Ships

Our new DTGS (Digital Tank Gauging System) is a fully integrated package of instrumentation providing a comprehensive, simple to install, and scalable tank gauging solution for small vessels of all classes.

The central VPM display communicates to all connected APT1000 level transmitters to obtain accurate real-time data and processes this to provide a comprehensive display of the status of all tanks.  Multiple displays can be added, and the status information can be serially communicated to other onboard systems, loading computers or alarm monitoring systems.

Our DTGS (Digital Tank Gauging System) is a fully integrated tank gauging system, consisting of:

– APT1000 Level Transmitters

– RFM Connection Modules

– VPM 4300 Display Panel

And comes with a whole host of benefits, including:

– Delivered preconfigured and ready for use

– Real-time display with option for data logging

– All data continually backed up to internal secondary memory

– Low cost of installation with minimal cabling

You can view all the key features and benefits in our new DTGS Brochure. We are confident that remote tank monitoring has never been easier! The DTGS system has already been installed successfully on a range of vessels around the world, including Tug boats, Superyachts, small Naval ships and many more


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