Navigation Light Control


Navigation Light Control

The Mega-Guard Navigation Light Control System (NLCS) controls up to 48 navigation lamps.


The Mega-Guard Navigation Light Control System (NLCS) controls up to 48 navigation lamps. The system has two outputs for each navigation lamp: a Main lamp output and a Spare lamp output. Each navigation lamp has its own on/off pushbutton. A number of navigation lamps can be grouped together (e.g. free sailing, towing) for simultaneous on/off control.

The Mega-Guard Navigation Light Control System supports the following lamp types:

  • LED lamps; 19~32VDC; maximum 60W.
  • Bulb lamps; 19~32VDC; maximum 60W.

The lamps are continuously monitored for failures and the Spare lamp is automatically activated in case of failure of the Main lamp.

The Navigation Light Control System is connected to a main and back-up supply and switches automatically to the back-up supply in case of failure of the main supply.

System lay-out

The Mega-Guard Navigation Light Control System consists of three items:

Navigation Light Operator Panel
Two versions are available:

  • 8.4” TFT colour display with 12 pushbuttons, Size: 240x160mm
  • Panel with 12 pushbuttons/lamps and navigation mast, Size: 144x144mm

Navigation Light I/O Module
Size: 127x198x29mm (WxHxD) for Din rail mounting

I/O Cable
In between Nav. Light Operator Panel and Nav. Light I/O Module with a length of 3 or 5 meter

The Navigation Light Operator Panel is flush mounted in bridge console.

The Navigation Light I/O Module is DIN rail mounted inside bridge console and the navigation lamps and power supplies are directly connected to this module. In addition, the module is equipped with manual on/off switches for Main and Spare lamps. The I/O Module should be mounted in such a way that it can be reached without using tools in order to fulfill class requirements.

The I/O Cable inter-connects the Navigation Light Operator Panel and the Navigation Light I/O Module.

Nav. Light Operator Panel functions:

  • Pushbuttons for individual lamp control
  • Pushbuttons for group lamp control (under way, NUC, RAM, anchor etc.)
  • System on and fault indication
  • Main and back-up supply indication
  • Dimming pushbuttons
  • Installation mode pushbutton
  • USB port to load configuration from memory stick
  • Dimming pushbuttons
  • Ethernet port to connect to other Mega-Guard Operator Panels
  • Version with 8.4” TFT colour display with 12 pushbuttons:
    • Mimic page of vessel and navigation mast displayed on TFT
    • Supports up to 48 lamps with 4x Nav. Light I/O module
  • Version with 12 pushbuttons and navigation mast:
    • Text sheet for pushbutton descriptions
    • Supports up to 12 lamps with 1x Nav. Light I/O module

The Nav. Light I/O Module is equipped with:

  • 12 pcs navigation lamp Main output.
  • 12 pcs navigation lamp Spare output.
  • 12 pcs switch with 3 positions: Main lamp On, Remote, Spare lamp On.
  • In Remote position the navigation lamps are controlled by the Navigation Light Control System.
  • Main power supply input: 19~32VDC.
  • Back-up power supply input: 19~32VDC.
  • Power supply output: 19~32VDC which is connected to the Navigation Light Operator Panel.
  • I/O Bus connector to connect to I/O Cable.

IMO Colreg 72

The Mega-Guard Navigation Light Control System is compliant with IMO Colreg 72 and supports the following vessels:

  • 12-20 meter length
  • 20-50 meter length
  • More than 50 meter length
  • Towing and pushing
  • Double ended ferries Fishing
  • Fishing vessels
  • Dredging and underwater works

Lamp are supported with different visibility (2NM, 3NM, 5NM and 6NM) in accordance with Colreg 72 legislation. The following lamp types are available:

  • Port (red) and starboard (green) light with 112° angle
  • Stern light (white) with 135° angle
  • Masthead light (white) with 225° angle
  • Towing light (yellow) with 135° angle
  • Restricted Ability to Manoeuvre (RAM) with 181° angle
  • Not Under Command (NUC) with 181° angle
  • Allround light with 360° angle



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