Cullys completes successful trials of electro fishing boat

Cullys is proudly announcing the successful completing of a very unique electro fishing boat, for our client Pases Aqua. About a month ago Dulane (Dean) Herath, managing director and chief biologist, engaged Cullys in designing, manufacturing and delivering a customised solution suiting his requirements.

Electrofishing is a common scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, and species composition. When performed correctly, electrofishing results in no permanent harm to fish, which return to their natural state in as little as two minutes after being caught.

In close consultation with Dean and his team, Cullys’ sales manager and naval architect Michael Bakker made the design for the upgrade of the aluminium boat. Cullys’ senior electrical engineer Steve Wood was instrumental in guiding our client and workshop team with the installation of the electro fishing box, the accessories and wiring, in compliance with AS/NZS norms and standards.

Recently trials were performed at a small lake nearby, and Cullys’ supervisor Chris Crooks assisted Dean and his team in testing the electro fishing system. This has proven to be a great success, catching the fish without harming them in any way, and Cullys is glad having been able to provide an all-inclusive solution to Pases Aqua.

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