Cullys Update on Coronavirus

To our valued customers,

The coronavirus threat is certainly a serious and concerning issue and one that needs to be met with a level of urgency and diligence to ensure its spread is limited and brought under control.

The team at Cullys has given careful consideration to the risks and at this stage, we are maintaining a “business-as-usual” approach.

Cullys has implemented a number of measures to ensure the ongoing safety of staff, customers and members of the community. This includes:

  • Providing staff with easy access to soap and hand sanitizer for regular washing in accordance with health authority guidelines
  • Paying extra attention and providing ready access to products to ensure cleanliness of work areas
  • Imposing a company-wide mandate that anyone who develops any cold or flu-like symptoms will immediately commence a period of quarantine away from the business, seek medical advice and work with us to ensure any customers known to have been in close contact are advised
  • Maintaining close attention and adherence to any new developments and recommendations made by health authorities

We also ask that any customers concerned about potential exposure to please stay away from our Henderson showroom and workshop and instead contact us by phone or email. Two members of our office staff fall into the vulnerable category, therefore extra precaution needs to be provided to keep our staff safe.

Likewise, if you have been to our premises and subsequently develop symptoms or become aware of any risk of potential exposure, we ask that you contact one of our management team to inform us so we are able to take any necessary action. 

The business remains open as per advertised business hours and welcomes customers as always. However, please bear in mind, Cullys also offer several delivery services and are more than happy to discuss your needs by phone or respond to your emails. 

Our inventory levels remain good and to date, we have not been advised by suppliers that there is any supply issues. That said, things may change so for convenience we recommend that you call ahead before visiting us to ensure we have your required items in stock.

Finally, we wish you, your staff and families ongoing good health and look forward to working with you and to seeing a speedy and effective return to normality.


Whether its business or leisure, trust Cullys for the job!